Trunk Show Questions – Answered!

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Who should host a Trunk Show?
· Our styles appeal to women of all ages, styles, and budgets. We pride ourselves on having something for woman of all walks of life. We even offer styles for little girls and tweens. So no matter who you are or where you live, Anna Balego Designs is ready to serve and style you and your friends!
What does the Hostess get?
· The hostess not only has an excuse to get together with all of your friends but you will also receive FREE Anna Balego Design products! Depending the sales generated from the Trunk Show, the more your guests purchase the more you will receive.  We also will have product promotions from time to time that allow you to get even more for FREE. When you plan your Trunk Show your stylist will go over current promotions and sales goal breakdowns.
What should I expect at my Trunk Show?
· You and your friends will have a wonderful time! Anna Balego Trunk Shows are always casual, no pressure and interactive. Friends can swing by for style during what is typically a 2-hour Trunk Show. Our Stylists are trained to casually help people find styles that flatter their features and lifestyle. Each guest will have the chance to try on all the jewelry they please, finding everything from pieces that give her a simple way to be stylish everyday to perfect gifts.
Is there a cost to hosting a Trunk Show?
· No, one of our Stylists will contact you, come to your home at no charge and offer styling advice for your friends as we share our beautiful accessories. As the Hostesses you will enjoy a generous rewards. We offer free and half priced jewelry, based on the sales at your Trunk Show and online as a thank you.
What is the price range of your accessories?
· Accessories price points are for as little as $30 up to $245
What forms of payments are accepted at Trunk Shows?
· Cash, Visa, debit cards or PayPal can be used at the trunk show. (PayPal only available if there is a wireless connection at the Trunk Show site)
Can a friend co-host a party with me?
· Sure! Co-hosting is a great way to get a larger group together to attend. And, if you have a larger group, you and your co-host will have more rewards to share.
Can I have a Trunk Show somewhere other than my home?
· Yes. While the home environment is the best, Stylists can also do Trunk Shows in a conference room at your office, or another location.
Do guests take home jewelry from the Trunk Show? How long does it take to get the jewelry?
· Mostly YES. Your Stylists bring samples for guests to try on, as well as some inventory. Guests can give the Stylist an order to process directly with Anna Balego Designs.
· It is our goal to surprise and delight at every turn! Our jewelry typically arrives within a week or less in irresistible, gift ready packaging. For Trunk Shows, we ship FREE via USPS priority mail in the United States.
Where is the jewelry made?
· The Jewelry is individually hand crafted in Minneapolis, MN at Anna Balego Designs Studio.
What should I do about invitations?
· Whether you choose to send out email invitations or airmail. We are happy to give you some tips for verbiage after speaking with you directly about your individual Trunk Show preferences.
Can I have food and drink at my party?
· Of course! We suggest light appetizers and drinks. Nuts, cheese and crackers, or cookies are popular options. We encourage you not to go overboard with food. People are often so busy trying on jewelry that they don't eat much at the Trunk Show.
How far in advance should I plan my trunk show?
· Plan as far out as you’d like but we ask that you at least plan one week in advance. Hosting a 90 minute Trunk Show is not like planning a wedding! It's just so easy to put together and your stylist does most of the work.
How many guests do I need to have?
· We love doing Trunk Shows big and small, and are grateful for every chance to style guests. Our Stylists conduct Trunk Shows for 10-12, as often as they style gatherings of 30. We recommend you follow up by reminder calls or emails, that way you'll garner the best attendance. Always invite more guests as typically 2/3 or ½ of those invited can usually attend.
I'm a little uncomfortable asking my friends to buy something in my home. What if they can't afford it?
· Agreed – people should only buy when they love the product! We make all guests feel comfortable and welcome. We give style advice in a no pressure way. If someone doesn't find something that evening, we just hope they'll tell a friend about Anna Balego Designs because of the wonderful experience they had. We offer a range of price points; people on all different budgets typically do find something they adore. Lastly, don't worry. When you send out invites, everyone will clearly know that this is a shopping opportunity - if they want to come to shop - wonderful, to socialize - fabulous! If they don't want to come, they don’t have to. No problem!